Instructor Bio

Hello. My name is Abdallah. I'm a medical student and hold a Bachelor's in Biology. I graduated in 2021 with honors from the University of Balamand. I am a science teacher targeting Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Science has always been my major field of interest. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are the best way to understand the universe which is why I chose a field that unites them. I enjoy reading scientific articles and thinking about possible experiments I could do to increase my scientific knowledge.

In my courses you will learn the basics of the sciences, so students of all levels will have the basic knowledge to think by themselves, analyze, and understand the phenomena they look at.

Teacher Courses

revised sized and gold-04
This physics course is designated to teach kids the basics of free fall and mechanical energy.
6 Lectures
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revised sized and gold-06
Learn about the blood in our bodies, the vessels that contain the blood, and finally the organ of life, the heart.
12 Lectures
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