Abdallah S.

Bachelor in Biology, Medical

Student at University of Balamand

Ahmed R.

Arabic and Psychology Instructor

Amal C.

Math Teacher with 30

Years Experience

Carla Z.

Biology and Chemical

Engineering Expert

Chris S.

Christiane G.

Determined Mathematics,

Physics, and Chemistry Tutor

Diala I.

Eddy T.

Chemistry Instructor

with 8 Years of Experience

Elissa T.

Creative and Artistic

interior architect

Gilbert C.

Hoda R.

Jaqueline E.

Joanne D.

Native English Tutor with

22 Years Experience

Latifa H.

Professional Chemistry Instructor

with over 30 Years Experience

Laudy M.

Arabic Teacher with 16 Years Experience

Luna M.

Maria A.

Passionate Elementary Teacher

Mariam R.

Maricella G.

French Teacher


Marylady N.

Mouhamad ElH.

Nancy S.

Noha H.


Sabine A.

Samar J.


Sami T.


Simona S.

Veronique M.