Physics: A New Perspective

The main goal of this course is to help you learn how to solve problems scientifically and to improve your skills in Physics.

At the end of the program student will be able to

➡️demonstrate understanding of one- and two-dimensional motion by applying kinematic equations to physical linear motion problems
➡️apply Newton’s three laws of motion
➡️demonstrate an understanding of kinetic, potential energy, and work by analyzing and solving work-energy problems
➡️demonstrate understanding of physical rotational motion situations by applying rotational kinematic equations and angular momentum concepts to rotational motion problems
➡️demonstrate an understanding of waves including harmonic motion, standing waves, and sound waves
➡️understand and apply laws of static and dynamic fluids
➡️obtain fundamental understanding for thermodynamic phenomena
➡️work on simple electric circuits: understanding Kirchhoff’s circuit laws, electric powers, and energy
➡️learn about magnetic fields and how they work due to electrical circuits

My physics course will help you achieve a higher level of thinking. I will be available at any time to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to ask!


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