English for Elementary Students

When you learn English, you will acquire different speaking and communication skills that will make your life easier. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

➡️ Understand and recite the high frequency words explained

➡️ Write the high frequency words in sentences

➡️ Write the high frequency words in different sentences

➡️ Summarize different paragraphs

➡️ Articulate and solve different grammar exercises

My English language course will take you to a whole new different level of efficiency!


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Lesson 1: Acquiring High Frequency Words

This lesson focuses on understanding the meaning of the different high frequency words required. Students will be able to use those words in sentences and will able to spell them too. Different kinds of assessment will be conducted such as spelling quiz, fill in the blanks, and matching.

Lesson 2: Summarizing

This lesson focuses on learning the basic skills of summarizing. It will help the student pick out the important details and paraphrase them in different words. Punctuation skills along with the language will be focused on while summarizing.

Lesson 3: Grammar Skills and Lessons

This lesson focuses on understanding different grammar skills such as subject/predicate or subject-verb agreement along with other grammar skills. These lessons will be explained thoroughly with lots of practice. Students will be assessed according to the lesson explained. 

Lesson 4: Phonics

Description: This lesson focuses on students who are in KG3 and Grade 1. They will learn the different letters with the sound they make. They will also learn the different sounds of combination letter and will be able to write those letters.

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