General Maths

Children who are not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them will enjoy this CHALLENGING class in French or Arabic. 

Here are some sample questions that we cover. If your child can do one or two out of four of these questions, then the class is a good fit.

1. Every day, Denise goes swimming, running, or cycling. She alternates the activities each day, in that order. If on Monday she goes swimming, when is the next day she will go swimming again?

2. How many numbers are between 100 and 200, inclusive, end with zero?

3. Lai uses each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 once to make a four-digit number. The number is even. The tens digit is greater than the hundreds digit. The thousand digit is twice the ones digit. What is the number?

4. There are goats, sheep, and chickens in the yard. If in total they have 70 legs and there are the same number of goats, sheep, and chickens. How many goats, sheep, and chickens are there?

The problems we do in this class are mostly word problems.  About 7-10 questions per week are done, depending on the speed at which the students understand the material.

Here is an example of topics that are covered in this class:

➡️ Number sequences, visualization problems, order of operations

➡️ Unknown values, word problems, factors, multiples, area

➡️ Guess and check combinations, multiples, number sense problem, number line questions

➡️ Patterns, reversing patterns, age problems

If your child isn’t doing enough challenging math problems, we recommend starting with this class.



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